CGWorkshop Instructors are the best in the business. They've worked on high-profile games and films, and can give you the skills to make an impact in the world of CG. Each CGWorkshop gives you a planned schedule of projects to complete, and the opportunity to get personal time with the instructor within your classroom.

What CGWorkshops can offer you

Since 2004, CGWorkshops has been delivering quality online training in partnership with expert instructors. If you are a student seeking to gain real-world skills for future employment, or an employed artist wishing to increase your abilities, CGWorkshops will provide you with the right tools and knowledge.

We have a wide variety of online courses, which are geared towards all level users, from beginner to advanced. What makes our courses stand out is the quality of instructors. They are industry leaders, with big budget film and game experience.

All CGWorkshop content is designed by these high-end professional artists who share their solid, up-to-date understanding of the industry. In this way, students learn first-hand how to improve their skills in preparation for real-world employment in the game and film industries. It's not about how to use a particular piece of software. It's about how to make the best matte painting, or the best special effect explosion or the best 3D model or the best animation.

CGWorkshops offers you more than a school or college. We bring professional artists from all over the world into your home or office to share their knowledge and make you a better artist.

A quick look as some features of CGWorkshops

Personal Instructions & Mentoring

CGWorkshops Instructors are professional artists and passionate teachers of their craft. As a CGWorkshop student, you will receive personal feedback on your progress, critiques of your artwork including audio feedback, paint-overs, or detailed notes. Our instructors know what it takes to succeed. Through their personal guidance and mentoring, you will have a roadmap to your own path to success. A roadmap that may otherwise take you years to find on your own.

Real-world Tutorials

CGWorkshop Instructors' up-to-date professional experience ensures they are familiar with the latest pipelines, techniques, workflows and practices. The tutorials for each CGWorkshop will help you to navigate through the best methods to create and elevate your artwork to a higher level, as efficiently as possible.

You won't see these tutorials in a textbook, or at a university. They are bleeding edge techniques being used in film and games today.

Hi-Def Streaming Videos

All CGWorkshops videos are delivered at 720p resolution, and streamed to your browser. That means if you have a broadband Internet connection, you can keep up with each week's class material at work, at home, on the train or in the coffee shop.

Three resolutions are offered to best fit your setup. So, if you want to work interactively on your project while watching the video, you can view it at a smaller size to fit everything on your screen.

You'll also have access to your class videos for up to 12 months after your CGWorkshop has finished, so you can refer back to the class whenever you need to refresh your memory.

Just checkout the amazing HD 720p quality that you can expect in our workshops such as Steve Wright's Telly Award winning Compositing in Nuke Series

HD Demo Video

Online Forum Environment

CGWorkshops are presented in a private forum and can range in length from two to 12 weeks. A maximum class size of 35 students means that you can learn not only from your instructor, but from your fellow students too. The learning experience is one of collaboration where the forum provides a familiar environment for you to post your work and questions, while your instructor and classmates provide you with feedback and support.

Another advantage of this learning environment is that it allows students and instructors form different time zones to participate equally, without having to be online at specific times of the day.

Course materials are published at the start of each week. Assignments are due as specified by the CGWorkshop Instructors, however, you can complete your work during a time that works for you rather than attending class at a given time.