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Nuke 2D Compositing

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  • 28 Nov 2011 - 09 Jan 2012
  • Current Fee: $499 USD

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Course Overview

This is where to start on your path to learning to Nuke. This workshop introduces the Nuke interface and shows how to navigate between the viewer, node graph, curve editor, and property panels. Keyframe animation, expressions, and linking between nodes are covered in detail. You will get extensive training on Nuke’s unique 32 bit float “linear lightspace” color management and the major color correcting nodes. The RotoPaint node is covered in great detail with nearly an hour’s worth of tutorials for this very sophistiated roto and procedural paint system.

The topics then move on to compositing Multi-pass CGI and point tracking, including corner pinning. Nuke comes with four world-class bluescreen/greenscreen keyers - Ultimatte, Keylight, Primatte, and Nuke’s own IBK keyer. Every one of these keyers are covered along with the KeyMix and AddMix nodes. There are multiple examples to illustrate how to merge/join/subtract mattes, keys and alpha channels to create professional keys in addition to workflow examples for the GridWarp and SplineWarp nodes. How to use the very important MotionBlur2D and Zblur nodes are also covered.

Course includes limited Nuke license available for the course duration.

Telly awardSteve Wright is a 20 year visual effects veteran with compositing film credits in over 70 feature films such as Shutter Island, Night at the Museum 2, Blade III, Ray, Solaris, Traffic, U-571, Air Force One, and many, many more. He now travels around the world conducting digital compositing training for major visual effects facilities, creates training programs, conducts location-based and on-line workshops, and has written two highly successful books on digital compositing, “Digital Compositing for Film and Video” and “Compositing Visual Effects”, both available on (click on Steve's picture for links). He has also won Telly Awards for the high quality training videos made for this workshop.

  • Steve Wright

    Steve is a 20 year visual effects compositing veteran with  film credits in over 70 feature films such as Shutter Island, Night...

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