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Making a Splash: Realflow Workflows revealed

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  • 24 Sep 2012 - 18 Nov 2012
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Course Overview

Christopher Soyer's most recent credit is Aardman's "Pirates: Band of Misfits", where he was responsible for the longest ever Realflow shot - the seamonster shot right at the end of the film. He calls it, "a 45 second beast of a shot!"

Chris says: "In my first CGWorkshop I plan on using a layered approach to teach the students the history of fluid effects in CG, the science behind the sims, and the practical application of this knowledge in Realflow while doing task based lessons geared towards mastering the finer points of the package."

"I will also build the students eye for fluid work as well as their technical skill by looking at weekly examples of fluid work for discussion."

"To give you an idea of how a typical class will work -  we would begin with a 10-15 minute science behind the sims lesson. Then move into our eye building exercise (where we analyze 2-3 examples of fluid work) - then both of these will tie into our weekly technical realflow lesson. Using this method I will build the students artist and technical knowledge, while developing their critical eye."

This is a Realflow Certified Training Workshop, and all students will be offered a FREE ONE YEAR FULL NON-COMMERCIAL REALFLOW LICENSE upon sign up.