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Python in Maya

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  • 25 Feb 2013 - 22 Apr 2013
  • Current Fee: $599 USD

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Course Overview

***FINAL RUN - this is the last time Shaun will be running this incredibly popular workshop***

This run he will be incorporating live web sessions in to the course content.

It can be hard to learn your first scripting language and just as hard to make the transition from one to another. One of the hurdles you might face when making this transition is learning how to think like a Python programmer.

In this workshop, we’ll learn how to do this and begin to take advantage of the incredible tool set available to you in Python. Understanding Python opens you up to potential work in areas you might have never considered; other programs, and even other fields. Python is used in many areas other than just Autodesk’s Maya, Houdini or Nuke. In fact, Python is used extensively by companies like, NASA, Google, YouTube, New York Stock Exchange and many more.

New to this course, Shaun will be conducting regular live web classes to help trouble shoot anything that may be holding you back as the weeks progress.

Long before working in Visual FX, Shaun was a Martial Arts Instructor/ Stunt Man in his home town of Los Angeles California, teaching an ancient Korean art known as Hwa Rang Do. In 2001 Shaun left the Dojang where he lived with his Master, and began teaching himself Computer Science with a specific interest in expressing natural and unnatural phenomena. After a few years he began working on smaller projects with museums and advertising agencies as an FX Technical Director.

In 2008 Shaun landed his dream job at Weta Digital in Wellington New Zealand working on James Cameron’s Avatar. He worked in the Layout Department dressing sets, building 3D environments, and writing tools. Towards the end of the film he worked with shots and FX depts. simulating/rendering smoke and fire FX for the ground battle sequences including the Direhorse on fire shot.

Shaun continues to work as a Technical Director at Weta, where his responsibilities range from developing, implementing and supporting workflows, to troubleshooting and debugging.

“I’m really passionate about Visual FX and Python, having the opportunity to share what I have learned is a great honor.” Shaun Friedberg

"Shaun provided students with varying knowledge of python the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge of core python concepts, but at the same time challenging us to be as creative as possible with assignments. I look forward to courses that Shaun may teach in the near future."

- student,  April 2011

  • Shaun Friedberg

    Shaun Friedberg (Pyrokinesis) is Technical Director at Weta Digital in Wellington New Zealand where he started by working on James...

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