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Color for Digital Artists

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  • 18 Mar 2013 - 15 Apr 2013
  • Current Fee: $329.00 USD

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Course Overview

Color for Digital Artists is a unique workshop all about color that is specifically designed for digital artists. If you are a 3D animator, motion graphics artists, visual effects compositor, game developer, photographer, editor, Photoshop artist, or frankly any kind of artist today working with pictures your job depends on working with digital images. In this workshop you will learn what happens when color hits the computer.

We all take classes and courses to learn how to use our software, but the topic of how digital color works tends to be glossed over and scattered about. This workshop pulls it all together to cover such essential subjects as additive and subtractive color theory, bit depth, floating point images, gamma, clipping, color temperature, image compression, HDR images, and more.

You will not need to use any particular brand of software for this workshop. It is based on one of Steve’s popular webinars which teaches the essential concepts of digital color and uses a variety of programs to demonstrate their universal application. You can do the weekly assignments using whatever program you wish that can manipulate images, including Photoshop. You will receive a video review of your assignments from Steve with comments on your work plus answers to any questions.


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  • Steve Wright

    Steve is a 20 year visual effects compositing veteran with  film credits in over 70 feature films such as Shutter Island, Night...

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