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Designing 3D Props and Environments for Film

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  • 01 Jul 2013 - 26 Aug 2013
  • Current Fee: $599 USD

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Course Overview

In this course Sunil will first go over simple ways to block out your design in 3D using Google Sketchup. A quick block out of your design will help you evaluate the design in 3D form to get a better idea of proportional and scale issues as well as asses your design itself. To begin with we will start with designing a Military guard tower where we will get ourselves familiar with the tools available as well as cameras, materials and ways to render out your final designs. After you get a good foot hold on how to use these tools and what they can do for you, Sunil will give a demo on how to approach any given design during the pre-production process and a suitable workflow for it.

The class will also cover more complicated props and vehicle designs. In week 3 you will work on building a combat vehicle in 3D from your own design. Sunil will cover techniques on how to get started with basic shapes and then get into detailing it in the subsequent weeks.

This course will also cover creating layout/presentation pages of your 3D prop design which during production is typically submitted further down the pipeline to modelers and surfacing artists. We will go over good presentation practices and how to best showcase your work so it has the desired impact on the viewer.

  • Sunil Pant

    Sunil is a Designer and a 3D sketch artist and has been working in the motion picture and video game industry for over 8 years. H...

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