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Anime Style Concept Art

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  • 24 Jun 2013 - 05 Aug 2013
  • Current Fee: $469 USD

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This course is closed for enrollments, submit the form to get notified early next time this course runs.

Course Overview

Studying different subjects and styles is essential for a good designer and concept artist, so this workshop is all about creating convincing concept art digitally in a specific style of your choice.

It is geared towards intermediate to advanced students who would like to practice how to create convincing concept art and better their overall design skills. I am offering a style based on japanese games/ products here. If you wish to learn more about a different style, just let me know and I'll make it happen. :)

So let's imagine we have a client who has employed you to develope concept art for a cool game or movie, and they need it done in a specific style because it fits their brand.

We are going to answer questions like:
- How do I create a convincing design?
- How does research work and why is it important?
- How do I create cover art?
- How do the artists I admire make their artworks look so shiny?
- How do I develop and improve my own style from all that I have learned and how can I use influences from different cultures, games and movies to improve on my concept art?
- And lastly, when we are designing for a TV show or game, how do we make our design so a costume maker or 3D artist can make best use of it?

I will review your portfolio as a first step and also talk to you about what you'd like to learn before we begin. Every week is built around the question of how you can design your own characters and make them fit to the needs of a costume maker or 3D artist.
We will talk about action based games and mmorpg's alike to covering a broad scope. (You can, of course, always ask questions about certain games, mangas, animes etc. and I will make a video for you.)

This workshop is also perfect for everyone who has participated to my "Absolute Beginners" workshop and would like to learn more advanced techniques now. :)


  • Anne Pogoda

    Anne Pogoda works in the German Television and gaming industry, has published over 30 workshops and....

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