Quadruped Rigging

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  • 29 Jul 2013 - 23 Sep 2013
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Course Overview

Rigging for games means working on a variety of characters on a tight timeline, and with few of the tools available to pre-rendered animation. Creating and maintaining a wide variety of scripts, tools, and techniques is essential to meeting the challenges of the constantly changing game industry. Brian has been a character TD for 7 years on a variety of games and theme park attractions, most recently Fantasia: Music Evolved for Harmonix Music Systems.

This 8 week course will focus on stylized quadruped creatures and go over everything from the basics of rig design to leveraging advanced deformers to create efficient in-engine assets. Students will learn about homologous anatomy, how to map joints to underlying surface data to simulate complex effects with simple controls, and how to control mesh volume to simulate squashing and stretching. A dragon model with three distinct limb types (front, back, and wings) will be provided for students to rig, or they are free to provide their own quadruped model.


  • Brian Evans

    Brian Evans has worked in the game industry for 7 years and is currently a senior technical artist at Harmonix Music Systems.

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