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Matchmoving in 3D Equalizer

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  • 20 Jan 2014 - 17 Mar 2014
  • Current Fee: $599 USD

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Course Overview

Many people start their careers in the film visual effects industry by working in tracking and matchmove. In this brand new, fully mentored 8 week CGWorkshop, 10 year matchmove veteran Francis Camacho will take you through the tracking process using 3D Equalizer.

You'll start at the basics - walking through the 3DEqualizer UI, looking at setup-preferences, screen layouts and different modes. Francis will then work with you on a provided shot - on workflow setup and 2D and 3D solves for both auto and manual tracking. You'll learn how to set this shot up for exportation into Maya and Nuke, discover the importance of lens distortion data and lens grids. You'll solve a green screen shot, uncover the secrets of successful object tracking, solve pre-viz data before moving on to more  advanced techniques in the final weeks.

The whole way, Francis and your classmates will work with you, giving you personal feedback on your shots in a closed forum-style classroom.

3D Equalizer have generously provided free time limited student licenses to participants in this workshop.

Dont miss this chance to learn from one of the best.

  • Francis L Camacho

    Francis L. Camacho is a freelance Matchmove/Tracking td based in LA and has worked  feature films including “Prometheus”, “...

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