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Animation made simple

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  • 24 Feb 2014 - 21 Apr 2014
  • Current Fee: $649 USD

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This course is closed for enrollments, submit the form to get notified early next time this course runs.

Course Overview

Take your first steps towards producing feature quality animation with this easy to follow introduction to the basic building blocks of motion. Ruth will guide you through simple manageable assignments that will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed understanding of animation's underlying fundamentals. The program is perfect for beginners but also offers a little extra for those who are looking for a challenge. With her experienced eye Ruth can help you refine your work to the highest level or simply guide you in a clear and easy to understand manner as you set out on your first animation adventure.

"All of my tutorials will be in Maya 2013/2014 but the emphasis is on learning aesthetics and building your artistic experience so I will be happy to guide you on animation principles no matter what software package you choose."


Watch this one-hour recorded Q&A with Ruth Daly where she talks about what she will cover in her CGWorkshop.

Ruth shares examples of some of the CGWorkshop assignments you will do in her course and explains how the fundamental principles of motion applied to simple objects, lay the foundation for understanding the mechanics of all movement.

Ruth shows a demo of how wave actions work on a tail and shares some tips on how to quickly animate them in Maya. She also answers industry questions from the attendees.



"I just want say that having Ruth as our instructor, for me has beed a superb experience. She exceeded all my expectations from this course. The breakdown for this course is really well planned out. The learning has been scafolded from week to week. Ruth took the time to give us each personal feedback, from Technical Maya issues to Animation hands on practical solutions. She broke down the Principles of Animation into bite size lessons, hand outs, with references and recorded lessons that one can build from.The work that comes out from this course will give anyone the foundation to the Principles of Animation and beyond; to the point of having 3 superb demo shots. To that end, all the skills learned in this course are transferable to more complex shots- how can you ask for more!Thank thank, you thank and thank you for really delivering a superb course." - Alexi Balian.

"I learned so much from Ruth and she was always there to answer questions and give very helpful feedback." - anonymous student.

"Even though the assignments were hard for me, I would not ask for them to be any different. There is so much good information and it gave me an excellent introduction to the field of animation". - anonymous student.

  • Ruth Daly

    Ruth is a 17 year veteran of Feature Animation and VFX with numerous screen credits and a wide range of

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