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Deep Compositing

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  • 21 Apr 2014 - 02 Jun 2014
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Course Overview


Join Mariana Acuña, Creative Specialist behind movies such as Troy, The Day After Tomorrow, Grindhouse and many others, to learn the technique used in making 3D movies that has become the staple of meeting the heavy demands of 3D film in today’s filming industry known as deep compositing.

Deep compositing is a technique which gives a perception of depth in addition to the usual color and opacity channels. Deep images can be composited like regular images, but the depth component makes it easier to determine the layering order. Deep images have that information for themselves and need no user input. Edge artifacts are reduced as transparent pixels have more data to work with. It's a technique that's being adopted by studios around the world because of the high-quality results it produces, and it would be invaluable for students wishing to be involved in studio work in the future.

There is no better person to learn it from than Mariana Acuna. In her role at The Foundry, she trains studios all over North and South America in all aspects of compositing in the program Nuke, but particularly in deep.

Mariana begins with a basic overview of deep compositing: movies where it's been used, applications which support deep data, its pros and cons. Over the six week teaching period, she'll take you through techniques for creating, reading, rendering and comping deep images. Each week there's an assignment to complete, and you'll receive feedback both via the private classroom forum and live weekly webinars where you'll connect with Mariana and your classmates to review work and discuss issues (these are always recorded for those who can't make it.)

All images and shots will be provided.

Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the industry experts in this ever growing area of compositing.

  • Mariana Acuna

    Mariana Acuna is a Digital Artist with many years of professional experience in the Film Industry.

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