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Photoreal Matte Painting - Part 1

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  • 14 Jul 2014 - 08 Sep 2014
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This course is closed for enrollments, submit the form to get notified early next time this course runs.

Course Overview

Blizzard Entertainment's David Luong returns to CGWorkshops with an updated Matte Painting workshop.  The workshop will be in two 8 week semesters (the first class prepares you for the second, but you don't need to take both.)  In Part 1, David will work with you to prepare photoreal matte paintings. In Part 2, you will learn to setup 2.5D and 3D camera moves to your matte paintings and learn how to composite them.

In Part 1, David says, "I'll be leading students through the process of creating a photo real matte painting for film or high end animation such as realistic and invisible right through to Sci-Fi and fantasy landscapes and cityscapes. This is not a concept painting class but rather a photo realistic or hyper realistic class. We'll use digital painting to enhance the look of textures, lighting, scale and create photo real backdrops that will serve story and characters in a universe."

The goal is having three matte paintings done by the end of this course: an invisible matte painting, a landscape, and a cityscape.

This  class is  aimed at advanced beginner to intermediate Photoshop CS5 or higher users. Recommended pre-requisite classes to take before this are digital painting using Photoshop, Photography, and concept sketching for environments.

Students of David's previous Matte Painting workshop: You can take this class again if you want to create new work for your folio/reel - there are all-new videos, assignments and content. The only crossover with previous content is a section on the history of Matte Painting -because you can't rewrite history, right?

Exemplary matte paintings will be chosen and featured in a gallery. All students who sign up for this course will receive a 50% discount off David's book Matte Painting 3.

"This workshop is useful for beginners in digital mattepainting as much as for the ones who already have proficiency in it and wanting to increase their skills: David’s teachings are tailored upon every kind of student and he will follow you step by step to your goal, giving you so much improvement in so relatively little time! Another very important aspect is the feedback exchange students have between each other through the forum during and after the course, while David keeps on giving you advice even after the course has ended, and all this without even considering the promo for the top six students of each course, that surely gives high visibility. For all those reasons and more I highly recommend this course." – Donatella Melchionno, CGWorkshop Student | June 2013

Here's a short video David made outlining what you'll learn in his CGWorkshop.


  • David Luong

    David is currently working for Blizzard Entertainment as a cinematic artist and finisher. Some of David’s credits include Star...

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