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Becoming A Better Artist

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  • 26 May 2014 - 21 Jul 2014
  • Current Fee: $599 USD

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This course is closed for enrollments, submit the form to get notified early next time this course runs.

Course Overview

Robert Chang’s “Becoming a Better Artist” has been one of the most popular courses we’ve ever run at CGWorkshops. Why? Because no matter what  area you specialize in as a visual artist (3D, 2D, film, animation, comic books, games, illustration, visualization), this course will teach you the most critical knowledge, techniques, and creative approaches that today's artists working in highly competitive industries must know in order to function as a confident and authoritative creative force.


Have you been feeling frustrated and helpless in your artistic growth and career development, as if you’re stuck perpetually in one spot and cannot move forward? Has hoarding all kinds of instructional material been mostly unhelpful, because you don’t know how to utilize all that information, or which ones to trust? Were you disappointed by the past classes you took, because they didn’t teach you what you really needed to know to excel as a visual artist? Do you know a lot of theory and can critique other people’s work, but your own work doesn’t seem to be getting any better?

This workshop was designed to lead frustrated artists out of the dark, regardless if they are professionals or beginners. Past students ranged from working art directors, concept artists, technical directors, 3D production artists, animators, illustrators, fine artists, comic book artists, graphic designers, photographers, to aspiring artists, hobbyists and total beginners, and this course has helped them attain the kind of breakthrough they have struggled to achieve for years with no clear results. Many past students have described the workshop as an intense boot camp—one that trains you in creating artistically and technically excellent works, as well as teaches you how to develop a compelling creative vision that more than just entertains, but also evokes emotional and intellectual resonance. This course will also help troubled artists who are suffering from unhealthy biases and emotional/psychological baggage due to feeling lost and insecure for so long, and give them back the joy of creativity so they can enjoy their passions again.

Throughout the workshop, you will learn highly flexible and powerful techniques you can add to your creative arsenal, and the weekly assignments will push you to restructure your mind with eye-opening insights that will forever change the way you approach creative problem-solving in visual art. You will also learn to overcome insecurity and gain confidence in your abilities, break free of bad habits and develop positive ones, and learn how to separate effective, practical truths from time-wasting misinformation. You will learn exactly how and where you should be spending your time and energy in your artistic development, and how to avoid pitfalls and traps that will have devastating effects on your artistic growth.

A very special bonus perk unique to this workshop, is the Better Artist Lounge, created especially for the alumni students of the workshop. Once a student finishes the workshop, he'll be granted access to the private forum, where Rob will continue to mentor the students by helping them with their personal artistic and career development strategies, answering questions, giving critiques, sharing resources, as well as continue to expand and update the workshop course material to the latest version that is being offered to future students. All of this is offered free of charge, and with permanent access. Alumni students will also enjoy the privacy of a small but tight-knit community of like-minded artists, and being away from the public eye of large open forums makes it a great place for intimate friendships, honest discussions, as well as mutual support. You will never be ignored or bullied the way you might be in large open forums. Many past students have commented that the private alumni forum is the crowning jewel of the workshop, because it is a long-term mentoring program that goes far beyond what the original enrollment fee covered.

In Rob's own words: "If you become a student of mine, I remain your mentor for as long as you still need me, even long after the workshop has ended. I have made this promise to all of my past students and I have kept that promise. There are students from the earliest runs of the workshop that I still help regularly today. I have a very traditional philosophy regarding the sacred responsibilities of a teacher, and to me, a teacher-student relationship is for a lifetime. Your enrollment in the workshop is not really about what you will learn from the 8 weeks of lecture notes, videos, discussions, and critiques, but what you can learn from a long-term mentor who will be there for you throughout your artistic development.”



Student Testimonials:

“I'm learning more about the process of creation here than I ever did in four years of studying in art-schools.”

- Emil Assarsson, student January - March 2013


Well, after having gone through this workshop, I can sum my experience up with one question for Rob: "Where have you been all my life?" In all seriousness, if something like this had existed many years ago it might have made a profound difference in how my career has turned out thus far."

- Dave Cherry, student January - March 2013


"I've had countless mentors in the past from elementary through college (and beyond), but I can only name a handful that really made a big impact on my life.  You sir are one of them. I can't speak for everyone and everyone has their own methods and ways... but Rob you have really changed me as an artist.  It has given me a better understanding and assessment of where I am, who I am and what I need to do to become who I want to become. Your class not only taught me how to become a better artist, but a better person in general, and I just want you to know that that is something I will always remember and cherish from hereon out.

- Lloyd Romero, student March – May 2013


"I really feel it has saved me years of struggle and disappointment. After going through the workshop I can tell that I have been looking for something like this course for a long- long time. I feel like I have been given a huge kick and put on the right track to become a better artist. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your critiques and lectures."

- Laszlo Hyikos, student July - September 2013


“I knew there were huge gaps in my knowledge and ability, but try as I might I just couldn’t work out how to overcome them. The best way I can explain is it feels as though I’m standing at the base of a huge mountain, and the art I want to be able to make is right at the top with all the advanced artists out there, and I didn’t know how to get there. You’ve shown us all where the path is, and explained how to cross it safely, heck you’ve even given us a map, a list of supplies, and team to journey with. It’s simply up to us now to shape up and put in the time and effort to get there.."

- Dawn Lincoln, student January – March 2013


You Sir, are an Artist's Guardian! I wanna have a picture of you, put in a locket and carry it always with me- So that when discouraged, sad, mad and lost, I can consult you and count on you. You are an Artist Saint. That is how I see you. Thank You! The whole class was so eye opening and mind blowing that I had moments where I wanted to cry and scream or hide under the bed or punch a puppy. Just saying that it was intense, will not cut it.

- Hope Brackin, student March - May 2013


Robert’s broad, multidisciplinary background makes him a great lecturer for this course, which approaches the essential foundations and advanced concepts of visual art from refreshing and unique perspectives unlike any you’ve seen, and show you how to utilize them in a rapidly changing professional environment.


Please Note: The heart and soul of this workshop is the mentoring of the students by the instructor, through direct interaction, in-depth critiques and discussions, answering of difficult and complex questions asked by students, and careful monitoring of the students’ growth and development so the mentoring can be catered to each student’s specific needs and personality. This is the most important aspect of the workshop, and it is what made this workshop so popular.

The lecture notes and videos are the two other aspects of the workshop, and they tackle different areas of each week's focus. The videos are mostly supplemental and aimed mainly at beginners, while the lecture notes are the main focus and contain the most sophisticated and advanced concepts. The interaction between students and instructor in the form of in-depth, thoughtful critiques for the assignments, is what takes the lessons from theory to execution, and in turn, allow the students to really absorb the knowledge and utilize them effectively.

Students will be given assignments each week that push them to think creatively, experiment, and try different approaches to solve problems and find the most effective way to communicate their visual ideas. Through extensive feedback and thoughtful critiques, the students will make great strides in ways they could not have on their own without a mentor to guide them through the journey.

The workshop assignments do not have deadlines, so you can work on them at your own pace, according to your work/school/family schedule. You will always get critiques and answers to your questions, no matter how late you hand in the assignments (even if it's weeks or months later). There are also no time-zone concerns, because all communication is done via the forum. So regardless if you are a busy professional, student, or have family obligations, you don't have to worry about not having enough free time for this workshop.

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