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You as a Brand

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  • 21 Jul 2014 - 01 Sep 2014
  • Current Fee: $469 USD

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Course Overview

You’re almost there. You’ve been in school or taking on-line courses or just getting yourself ready to make the job switch. Now it’s time to put your marketing package together begin your job search. What do you need? What should it contain? How do you find jobs? How do you keep from being overwhelmed?

This workshop is a very practical guide to figuring out how to put your “brand” together, create the items that will make up your marketing package and plan your job hunting campaign.

For over 20 years Instructor Pam Hogarth has been helping students and professionals prepare for careers in high-end computer graphics, principally in the entertainment industries. Through courses in career realities, workshops in resume preparation, one-on-one counseling, special event production and working with the people who do the hiring at facilities around the world, she has been instrumental in helping hundreds of digital artists kick-start and continue their careers.

This CGWorkshop also includes two live webinars with Industry Recruiters, Brad Reinke and Debra Blanchard where you will be able to ask specific questions about employment in the industry and receive appraisals of your Portfolios.

Pam will be bringing all of the knowledge she has gained through the years to the lectures, assignments and feedback in this course. Assignments will be geared to helping you put together the items that you need to do your job search. By the end of the workshop, students should be ready and confident to begin finding their first OR next job.



"This should be a required class for anyone interested in employment with a company in the entertainment industry. Much of the information given was critical for being a candidate in today's highly competitive world. It would have been impossible for me to assemble a comparable marketing campaign without this class. Having been exposed to what is expected of today's job candidates, I feel confident in my ability to acquire full time employment." - anonymous student


"This course helped me immensely in getting clear what I want and also gave me tools for getting there". Jasper van Nieuwenhuizen


…."Pam gave really practical and thorough advice. She really got down to nitty gritty details". anonymous student


"The live webinars are a testament that Pam went above and beyond the average time given by instructor." - anonymous student


"I don't know what could have been better. This class had a lot of pluses." - anonymous student


"I really liked the live webinars with the live feedback of our personal marketing efforts. It was nice to get another experts opinion, felt like I got more for the money." - anonymous student


"Pam has a great eye for detail. Sometimes just adding one word or switching the order of two sentences changed my resume and made it look stronger. Pam's personal feedback is the best aspect of the course I think. Because it's so specific to each person." - anonymous student


Webinar Recording

Learn more by listening to a recording of a one-hour Q&A with Pam where she talked about what will be covered in her CGWorkshop and answered questions about the course, resumes, reels and portfolios. She also offered advice about the realities of getting into the industry and discussed strategies to apply for, and win jobs.

  • Pam Hogarth

    Pam Hogarth has spent almost 30 years in the world of visual effects, 25 of which doing marketing, education and career guidance.

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