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Creature Crash Course

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  • 28 Jul 2014 - 22 Sep 2014
  • Current Fee: $599 USD

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Course Overview


OK, creature freaks. It's time to get crunching on some serious 3D monstrosities.

Creature sculpting guru Bryan Wynia (HighRez, Sony, Naughty Dog) graces our online classroom once more to share his awesome sculpting style and skill set with you.  Over eight intense weeks, you'll design, develop and sculpt two creatures in Z-Brush, before polypainting and rendering each. And not only that - if you want to set your creatures up ready for 3D print, Bryan will take you through his entire creative process.

" I want to share a variety of exercises and techniques with students that can prepare them for designing creatures and characters for the game and film industry. From creating studies to preparing files for 3D printing, these are tools that can only make you a greater asset to a production."

You'll create two 2 full figure creature designs from sketches to final rendered beauty shots. Bryan will also share various real world situations that happen in production. From sculpting various materials, becoming faster and more proficient, and exploring new design paths. After this course you will have a realistic idea of not only what it takes to design memorable creatures but how to as well.

Bryan's dyamic teaching style is presented in a mix of video, paintover feedback on your assignments and weekly live sessions where you'll interact as a class (These are always recorded.)

So if you're an intermediate artist with some knowledge of 3D modelling in ZBrush, push your skills to the next level in this fun new eight week Crash Course.

(If you want to see what some of Bryan's previous students created, you can in our CGWorkshops Gallery here.)


  • Bryan Wynia

    Bryan is currently working as a Senior Character Artist at HighRez Studios in Atlanta. Previously he worked at Sony Santa Monics ...

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