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  • 10 Nov 2014 - 12 Jan 2015
  • Active Weeks:9
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Course Overview

Do you have a desire to learn digital art or improve on the art that you are already creating?

Are you striving to learn all the basics when it comes to drawing and painting the human figure, creatures and animals?

Have you been thinking about a new career path and are looking for a mentored program to help you in your venture?

Then this workshop is for you! In this CGWorkshop you'll learn the foundations of digital drawing, painting, and the basics for drawing human and animal figures. In the Absolute Beginners CGWorkshop you will learn through in-depth mentored online training in how to handle Photoshop and a Wacom tablet while pushing your skill level a little further each week.

The workshop is built around helping you learn to manage the software and tablet while creating your first digital painting. You will be able to create your own art digitally by the end of week eight.

You'll learn to draw convincing figures, analyze the forms and shapes and quickly progress from black and white painting to colour. You'll work on a portrait painting of your choice and create your own painting at the conclusion of the course.

The Absolute Beginnners program also includes the basics of animal drawing and painting effectively, making the course two complete eight week workshops in one. Returning students are also welcome with intermediate and advanced level course content designed to help them find and develop their own unique style and approach to working their personal projects.

Course Benefits

Anna Pogoda is an instructor with over 20 semesters experience in teaching digital and traditional drawing and painting techniques for beginner and advanced students. She has been working professionally for many years and takes great pride in assisting artists to improve their skills.

Traditional studies to strengthen observation skills are taught alongside the digital approach. Pencil studies made in sketchbooks are more than welcome in this course and will gladly be reviewed by Anna.

You will also learn how to break figures down into forms and planes and how to build up basic light and color settings for them.

Alongside basic anatomy, the course also looks briefly at environment painting, teaching you many of the essentials.

Course videos now cover CS6 as well as all older Photoshop versions, and feedback is offered via weekly webinars that are recorded and uploaded to the class for ongoing reference.



"Let me just say I would never have imagined I'd come even close to painting a reasonably accurate human figure or let alone a full coloured portrait and even landscape in 8 weeks! Anne has given me a gift that I truly value"

-Azam Idris, student, May 2012


"The learning process Anne makes you goes through felt so natural that it wasn't overwhelming at all, it was more exiting to see that you made that!"

-Paula Bascunan, May 2012

**NOTE: There is an additional 9th week in this course to cover the Christmas period**

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    Anne Pogoda works in the German Television and gaming industry, has published over 30 workshops and....

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