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Brian Evans

Brian Evans has worked in the game industry for 7 years and is currently a senior technical artist at Harmonix Music Systems.

He began in traditional animation by working part time at Michael Sporn's studio as a pre-law student at NYU. He went on to get a master's degree from Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center rather than attending law school. For the next five years he worked at Schell Games for clients such as Disney, Pixar, Microsoft, and Sea World on a variety of games and theme park attractions, during which time his focus shifted from animation to rigging, scripting, and tools development.

In 2012 he was hired by Harmonix to develop the rigging pipeline for their upcoming Fantasia game which will be released early in 2014.

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Quadruped Rigging for Games

Brian Evans

Rigging characters for games means trying to create dynamic, subtle, and accurate deformations without the use of tools available for making pre-rendered characters, and mapping them to well-designed controls that empower animators to work as quickly and easily as possible. In this workshop you'll learn how to analyze reference material to help plan your joint layout, when to deviate from the anatomy and why, adjustable squash and stretch techniques, IK/FK switching, tricks to use spline IK more effectively, and mapping joints to s...

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