John DeRiggi Character Artist

John has worked in the game industry for over 7 years at Schell Games, led by veteran game designer, Jesse Schell.  As a senior character artist, John always aims to push the boundaries of the character art pipeline. Titles include games such as Mechatars, a character experience combining interactive physical toys with online browser-based gameplay in a head to head battle. Past games also include character work for clients such as Disney/Pixar, Microsoft, Sea World, The Dallas Mavericks, and Jakks-Pacific.

John also streamlined the character art pipeline for Carnegie Mellon University’s Alice software, the well-known educational tool directed by Randy Pausch which is used around the world to teach computer science through storytelling.

As an instructor for over six years, John has also taught and mentored in various 3D programs and workshops. These include schools such as The Art Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and ITT Technical Institute.


"He makes sure that you drive yourself to your own high standards of perfection, but will help along the way with suggestions"….. Jana Johnson, student - January 2013


"…the amount of content really exceeded my expectations. His excellent support on the forums, experience and critical eye made me advance in the right direction with my project."Roberto Fera, student - November 2012

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Rapid Character Development for Online Games

John DeRiggi

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