Robert Chang

Robert "Lunatique" Chang is an artist, writer/director, composer/songwriter, and photographer whose work has been featured in comic books, video games, animations, television commercials, feature films, music productions, and various publications. Rob began his career as a comic book artist and creator during the 90's, writing and illustrating his creator-owned title Enchanted (published by Sirius Entertainment) and produced artwork for titles such as Panzer Cops (Dark Horse Comics), Robotech:Invid Wars (Malibu Graphics), Avenue-X (Innovation) and more. In the late 90's Rob made the transition to video games and worked as texture artist, concept artist, or art director on various titles such as Prince of Persia 3D (Red Orb), Battletanx: Global Assault (3DO), Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX 1&2 (Z-Axis), Risk, Battleship: Fleet Command, Polly Pride (iWin) and others.

In the film and animation realm, Rob has created artwork for Spiderman 3 and Surf's Up (Sony Pictures Imageworks) and has worked as a writer/director on television commercials. Rob also moonlighted as a photographer and a composer/songwriter, having written songs for pop-stars in Taiwan and scored for both video game and film projects.

Rob's work is renowned worldwide for its evocative beauty and strong narrative style. Rob was one of four artists to contribute to d'artiste: Digital Painting - Digital Artists Master Class and he is recognized as an artist who has made a distinctive mark within the CG Community. Rob regularly contributes to www.CGTalk.com and other digital art forums, participating in discussions, critiques, and posting his own works in progress for peer review. Currently, Rob is working on a diverse range of projects, ranging from scoring music for games and film, writing novels and screenplays, writing/illustrating graphic novels, to paintings.

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Robert Chang

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