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Spencer Lueders is currently a Senior FX Technical Director at Sony Imageworks.  Prior to this, Spencer worked as a Senior FX Technical Director at Rhythm & Hues on 'Life Of Pi' and Framestore New York as an FX Lead for feature films, creating effects and tools as well as working on high profile commercials.

In 2004, Spencer graduated with an MA in Digital Effects from Bournemouth University in the UK which is where he was first introduced to Houdini. His interest in visual effects began in the late 90’s learning 3d Studio Max after studying computer science and graphic design at the University Of Missouri.

Spencer has received two Visual Effects Society nominations in 2009 and 2010 for his work on FedEx Pigeon Super Bowl Commercial, and Pepsi Penguin. He has contributed work on 2013 Visual Effects Oscar winner, 'Life Of Pi', two other VES nominated credits as well as a Prime Time Emmy nominated spot.

While working at Framestore, Spencer developed and taught an Intro To Effects with Houdini course at the School Of Visual Arts in New York for 5 years focusing on teaching students fundamental principles and concepts of visual effects using Houdini.

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Fluids FX using Houdini

Spencer Lueders

Spencer Lueders returns with his content packed Houdini course. This CGWorkshop will take you to the next level using Houdini to simulate fluids, fire and smoke and will teach you the secondary elements required to produce high quality, dynamic simulations. Starting with the basics of voxels you will learn about smoke solvers, micro solvers and the Pyro Solver. You will then move on to gain a firm understanding of the Houdini FLIP Solver, particle manipulation and heuristics while working on your own simulation projects. This cou...

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6th Oct 2014 - 30th Nov 2014

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Introduction to FX using Houdini

Spencer Lueders

Spencer Lueders is currently a Senior FX Technical Director at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Los Angeles. He's now here to work with you at CGWorkshops in this 8 week online, fully-mentored Houdini training course. Spencer will cover a variety of material and get into many technical low level concepts, such as the maths, geometry, and trigonometry, etc involved in gaining complete control over an effect. When it comes to making great FX, there aren't any push-button solutions.  This course helps to lay that groundwork to understa...

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