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Chris Soyer

Christopher Soyer is an FX td and fluids specialist with 8 years experience in VFX.

He's worked on films like 2012, Harry Potter and the deathly hollows, and the new Judge Dredd reboot as well as many commercial projects, and game cinematics like Metalgear Solid.

After attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia where he majored in VFX Chris formed Tsunami fx. Since then Chris has freelanced at some of the biggest names in the commercial/film business and has travelled the world both as an artist and a trainer in fluid effects.  From London to Manila, From Zurich to LA,  Chris has worked with both large and small studios on many technically challenging and aesthetically beautiful

His wide experience with fluids work lead to Chris being named a Realflow expert in 2009.   He’s since become an accredited Realflow trainer.

Recently Chris joined the great team at Aardman animation for their new film Pirates - Band of Misfits where Chris worked on the sea monster shot among others - a 45 second long beast of a fluids shot!

Now Chris spends his time as a fluids consultant/artist helping studios of all sizes and training the next generation of fluid FX rockstars.