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Kyle Kenworthy

Kyle Kenworthy has been an animator in the industry for 7 years. He currently works at Schell Games in Pittsburgh PA. He has worked on numerous projects including Toy Story Midway Mania, where he worked directly with Pixar supervisors, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, & Disney's Toontown. Past projects also include work for clients such as Disney, Pixar, Sea World, Raytheon, The Dallas Mavericks, and Jakks-Pacific.

While in school at the Art Institute of Phoenix Kyle interned at Fatkat Animation where he worked on the short film Rindin the Puffer. He also worked on the feature film What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole doing additional animation.

Kyle is a contributor to the animation website OnAnimation.com & is a frequenter of the 11 Second Club where he recently won the November 2012 competition.

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Animating Creatures for Games

Kyle Kenworthy

Working in video games requires you to have an understanding of a wide variety of creatures. Knowing how to approach different creatures and animate them quickly & efficently is key to success. In this 3 week course Kyle will demonstrate how to animate various game animations on 3 different creatures: a dog, spider, & dinosaur (Albertosaurus) You'll learn how to gather & analyze reference to better understand their locomotion and behavior.  And how to use/exaggerate that reference to create game animations. Kyle will d...

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15th Sep 2014 - 6th Oct 2014

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Video Game Animation

Kyle Kenworthy

Compared to feature film, game animations need to be created quickly and sometimes without iteration. Kyle Kenworthy has been a game animator at Schell Games for six years, working on projects including Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Disney's Toontown & Mechatars. In this four week course Kyle will demonstrate techniques for rapidly creating video game based animations. You will learn tips and tricks that will help you be successful in a video game environment. Kyle will teach you many useful animation techniques including...

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