Mariana Acuña Creative Specialist

Mariana Acuna is a Digital Artist with many years of professional experience in the Film Industry. Currently she works for The Foundry on their US training team, where she travels across North and South America training studios in how best to use The Foundry's software.

She started out as a P.A. and Crowd A.D. in movies like Troy, The Day After Tomorrow, Grindhouse etc. She says, "I was already in love with the craft since my college years learning stop-motion, video art and 3D animation. While working on set in the movie Troy as I was helping out the VFX Team, I decided it was time to switch to the other side and started my career as a Digital Compositor."

"I have worked as an on Set Supervisor and also as a Digital Compositor in over 30 movies and episodic TV, doing everything a shot needs to look completely integrated and awesome. I moved from Mexico City to L.A. in 2009 because I wanted to work in the best facilities, and alongside the most talented artists. Luckily for me I have been able to do all that! I joined The Foundry as a Creative Specialist, which really means Nuke Product Specialist over a year an a half ago. I do customized training for places like Pixar, Rainmaker, Apple, etc. I have also been an active part of the VFX Town halls and VFX Union as our Industry seems to be stuck in a crisis and in need of people to take a stand for what they believe in."

Mariana Acuña Acosta

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Deep Compositing

Mariana Acuña

  Join Mariana Acuña, Creative Specialist behind movies such as Troy, The Day After Tomorrow, Grindhouse and many others, to learn the technique used in making 3D movies that has become the staple of meeting the heavy demands of 3D film in today’s filming industry known as deep compositing. Deep compositing is a technique which gives a perception of depth in addition to the usual color and opacity channels. Deep images can be composited like regular images, but the depth component makes it easier to determine the layering o...

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