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Kemp Remillard

Kemp is a Senior Concept Artist with Massive Black in San Francisco. Originally Kemp studied graphic design at the University of Georgia before deciding to enter the entertainment industry for concept art. After graduating, he moved to California to do a brief stint on the PS3 title "Lair". Joining Massive Black in 2005, he's worked with such clients as Nintendo, Sega, Sony, EA, CCP, NCsoft, Hasbro, , Scientific-American, Under-Armor, MTV, Nestle, Guerrilla Games, Volition, THQ, Konami, SuckerPunch, Lucas-Arts, Fox Sports and many others. He is best known for designing the tanks in Red Faction: Guerrilla, the dropship in Killzone 2 and concepts for the Transformers and G.I.Joe franchise.

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Concepting Vehicles and Mechs using Photoshop and SketchUp

Kemp Remillard

Massive Black's Kemp Remillard's passion for mech and vehicle design is apparent in his body of work, and in the number of high-profile studios who utilize the wide variety of concept types his workflow has been developed to create. He joins us at CGWorkshops to share this workflow with you, and to give you his personal tips and feedback on your own work. "This course is a basic yet thorough tutorial in how I approach vehicle/mech design for Games and Film," says Kemp. "Topics include thumbnail sketching, imaginary engineering, ...

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