Andrew Collins

I am the art director at Battlecry Studios and a veteran of the video game industry having worked on such iconic titles as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars Galaxies and Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2.

During my final year at the University of Illinois in 1995, I started working for a college start up company called Mobeus Designs. We created an obscure title, Esoteria 3, which started my career in the industry.

A few years later, I went from small town midwest game startup to the Texas penthouse buzz, Ionstorm working for John Romero on his latest project Daikatana.

It wasn’t until late 2000 that found my ‘home’ at Sony Online Entertainment.

Prior to that I had moved around looking for a studio that fit my goals as a game artist. I had been at Ritual Entertainment working on Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2, and to Retrostudios .

As a fan of the Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO), Everquest, I was excited to work at Sony on, Star War Galaxies. I eventually became a Senior 3D Artist and helped to launch the original title and the following three expansion packs.

After 6 years and a promotion with Sony, I was offered the opportunity to lead a new MMO with the newly created Bioware Austin. I had a great deal of respect for the games Bioware produced, so joined the team without knowing the title we would be working on.

It was revealed that I would be helping create yet another Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, which turned out to be one of the biggest games ever produced and one of the biggest challenges I've had to face in the industry.

Once that launched I was given another great opportunity and my latest endeavor. I accepted the position of Art Director at Battlecry Studios, a new company created under Zenimax. Our current project has only recently begun, and is the beginning of another exciting journey!

I also have a passion for teaching, and in 2004 I took up teaching a continuing education course at the local community college. Eventually my course was credited around a newly created game program, and I became an adjunct instructor and have been teaching introduction to video game art ever since.  Now I join CGWorkshops to expand my teaching, online.

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Fundamentals in Game Asset Creation

Andrew Collins

In this new, expanded, course students will gain a comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to complete a high quality game asset. Using a standard game prop, students will learn to build an asset starting from high polygon sub-d modeling, to exporting the final asset into the latest UDK engine. It is designed as a crash course for beginner modelers interested in game asset creation, but also as a catch up course for industry veterans who haven't had a need or chance to learn recent techniques. You will start by learning the funda...

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