Katon Callaway

Santa Monica Studio Character Artist Katon Callaway has been working as a character artist and modeller for almost 9 years. After he Graduated from Pikes Peak Community College (with his associates in arts) in Colorado Springs, Katon worked as an intern at animation studio where he realized he could combine his two loves; art and video games.

Working in the video game industry since 2004, Katon has had the opportunity to work on many games, including God of War III, and most recently God of War Ascension.  Through out the God Of War Acsension production, Katon played an elemental part in taking the franchise to the next level. His involvement in the project from preproduction to final, allowed Katon to experience first hand the rapid advancement of new technology and helped set the benchmark and standard for all characters in the game. His mentoring of artists to raise the production standard is clearly seen by the end product.


Katon believes in continuous improvement and learning and continues to hone his skills outside of work by taking Sculpting and Drawing at studios around LA.


Katon is currently hard at work as a Senior Staff Character Artist inside Sony Santa Monica on their next unannounced project.


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Advanced VideoGame Character Creation

Katon Callaway

Building characters today can be a lofty task, with the increase in technology and visuals, it is a skill that is ever increasing in creative and technical ability. Katon says, "If you are a hobbyist, someone aspiring to get into the industry or a current working professional, I'll take you through my approach to building advanced characters for high-end console games. New tools and workflows are always advancing, but I show you the fundamentals, that can be applied no matter what piece of software you are using. It is important ...

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11th Aug 2014 - 6th Oct 2014

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High-end Fantasy Game Art Creation

Katon Callaway

***  FINAL RUN ***** Katon is working on bringing us a new workshop later in 2013, so this is the LAST TIME we're running his incredibly popular Game Art Creation workshop. Don't miss this last chance. This class includes live weekly webinars with Katon where he gives demos and offers feedback. These sessions are recorded for those who can't make it. Games look amazing these days, and trying to create all the necessary assets at such a high standard can seem overwhelming.  Often, we have a vision that we want to see come to li...

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