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Judd Simantov

Judd Simantov has worked in the Computer Graphics industry for over 10 years. He currently works as an independent contractor in South Africa.

Some of his clients include Naughty Dog, Crytek and Blizzard Entertainment.

Prior to moving to South Africa, he was the Lead Character Technical Director at Naughty Dog for almost 7 years. Judd was one of the early members on the Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - Research and Development Team and has been an integral part of the entire Uncharted series during his time at Naughty Dog. Previous to Naughty Dog, Judd worked in South Africa where he ran his own studio Back2Back Animation Studios for two years. Judd has also been open with sharing information throughout his career. He has taken part in the open source community by developing an open source muscle plugin called cgMuscle. He has also given talks at GDC in 2005 on Advanced Tool Writing for Character TD's, in 2007 on the Uncharted Facial System, in 2008 on In depth look at the Animation of Uncharted and in 2010 Uncharted 2: Character Pipeline as well as a Uncharted 2: Animation Pipeline, which he also presented in Tokyo Japan that same year. Judd was also a member of the GDC panel for Tech Artists in 2008 and a Siggraph Panel for The Gaming Industry in 2008. His game credits include JakX, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.