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Tyler Breon

Tyler is the Lead Character Artist at Microsoft’s Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver, B.C.

He began his career at Treyarch (Activision) working on the Spider Man 3 video game after attending Vancouver Film School. Next, at Naughty Dog he helped make the first iteration of the Uncharted series, creating the majority of the game’s pirate and mercenary enemies.

After Uncharted, Breon began work at Sony Santa Monica on God of War 3 and later, God of War Ascension. On GOW 3 he created the titan Cronos, a character that was literally a moving environment (relative to a titan, the player was the size of a flea!).

He also created Hercules (and many other characters) for GOW 3 and the first iterations of the titan Hecaton for GOW Ascension. During his career, Breon has also taught classes and written articles for major publications on the subject of character art and design. Before joining Black Tusk, he was the Lead Character Artist at Big Red Button Entertainment, a new video-game studio near LA, where he developed their character pipeline while working on their first, unannounced title.

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Digital Sculpture: The Male Figure

Tyler Breon

The study of the human figure has been a focus of artists for hundreds of years, and mastery of it continues to elude artists to this day, both in CG and traditional mediums. How many times have you looked at a CG human and noticed something “not quite right”? Whether you work in games or film, are in school, or on the path to a full-time position, a solid understanding of the human figure and how to create it is one of the most important assets a Character Artist/Modeler can have. This course breaks down the human figure into...

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