CGWorkshops are online classes that are designed by industry employed professional artists for the creative computer graphics industry. Depending on the course, duration can go from between two and 12 weeks and run securely over the web.

CGWorkshops give everyone the opportunity to learn specific skills and be tutored by leaders in all areas of CG design. The forum environment allows direct communication and assists students and Instructors to collaborate at any time anywhere in the world.

Weekly sessions commence with a video tutorial followed by the distribution of an assignment. Assignments assist students apply skills learned from the tutorials as well as receive guidance and coaching from the Instructor and other students in the group. The maximum class size of 35 ensures that you receive personalized feedback and mentoring.


In short, our structure is intended to take advantage of the freelance nature of the industry by using short 'time windows' Instructors often have between contracts.
All courses are presented by instructors who have a solid, up-to-date understanding of the industry and who excel at what they do. CGWorkshops is not a school or college. We are simply a pipeline, designed to assist those who have excelled in their field to share their expertise with others in the CG Community.

Please note, we try to ensure that all video quality is consistent and kept standardized between all workshops. However, as our instructors create all workshop videos on their own computer, there may be some differences between classes.