1. My downloaded file is corrupt or does not work

Sometimes this may happen if your download did not finish completely. You may need to download it again and wait an appropriate time before opening the file.

Make sure you have the correct software to open the file, i.e., WinRar or Stuffit Expander for .rar files etc..

Once you have all the up-to-date plug-ins and browser etc, restart your computer.

If you have a slow or problematic Internet connection, try using a download manager that will allow you to resume the download if you lose connection.

2. I Cannot view/hear streaming video

Because browsers are constantly upgrading along with Adobe Flash Player, occasionally they can conflict with each other. If you are experiencing problems viewing a video, try viewing the video in another browser.

Check to see whether you need to install a specific video codec to view your instructor's tutorials. Instructions are available on your workshops tutorial page in your classroom.

Check that you have the correct software and that the video codec you have installed is up-to-date.

Check that your browser plug-ins are up-to-date.

Check that you have the latest Flash and Quicktime Players installed.

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3. I cannot upload a file

Please check that you have read and followed the instructions thoroughly on how to upload files located in the "Upload Your Examples Of Work" thread of your course classroom.

Your browser doesn't support frames!


Your browser doesn't support frames!